We will takes you to an experience of adrenaline through the nature of the State of Paraná, a fantastic place, surrounded by native forest region of Tijucas.

Our itinerary starts 07h00 in the morning leaving the center of Curitiba in a special van for our group and heading straight to our point of departure, near for the Hill.

From this point we will begin a stretch of walking along a country road very well preserved and surrounded by natural beauty where from a point we can already see the waterfall 40 meters tall, where our fun is guaranteed.

Following this view, we will enter into a jungle trail where we can breathe the fresh air and already have a bit of excitement as the trail behind several challenges!

When we arrived at the waterfall we pause to rest and to admire the beauty of the place and to listen carefully to the instructions of our expert staff will give you all the guidelines and decide to take care of everyone out performed.

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